The Hollywood Field Trip 2016: November 6th - 11th

Why the Hollywood Field Trip?

The Hollywood Field Trip offers a select group of UK and international filmmakers ACCESS to Hollywood's top producers, agents, managers and working professionals. Usually an experience that is reserved for those who have been invited out by Hollywood to Hollywood, we vet you the filmmaker, screenwriter and/or producer; and set up meetings with the people who could actually greenlight your next film.


Hollywood Field Trip 13, November 6 - 11, 2016

Who will you be meeting?

We've been honored to have the support of some amazing Hollywood professionals who are incredibly generous in offering their time and advice to our filmmakers. You have all heard of their films, some have been oscar nominated several times over and all offer phenomenal advice with regards to your films. We have been honored to have meetings with Check out ourAMAZING list of experts here.

"A year after our Hollywood Field Trip I've signed on to direct a horror movie with EPs Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. By pulling back the curtain and showing me the real Hollywood, you guys played an invaluable role in the way I conducted my approach to getting a film made in L.A."  Alastair Orr, Director 


"The Hollywood Field Trip was the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to pitch my tv show to 15 TOP managers, agents, producers and network execs over 5 days - including HBO, CBS, MOSAIC, BLUMHOUSE, ICM, APA and Todd Hoffman who is my hero Vince Gilligan's manager. I learned the language and what is happening right now in the tv and film community and who truly has the abiity to freen light a project. Most importantly, I learned how to turn telling a story into selling a story. I would not think twice about recommending this experience to anyone who has a story to tell, and who thinks Hollywood is the the place to tell it. The level of expertise and power of the group with whom we met was way beyond my expectations."

Mandy Mae Cheetham, HFT 7.

"I'm looking forward to meeting British filmmakers. It's becoming less about Hollywood and more about the world - its about reaching out and telling stories on a global level."

Gloria Fan, Vice President of Development and Production

Mosaic Media Group

"Thanks to my visit, I now have a manager in LA who's helped me enormously with my writing, and with whom I'm developing an action comedy. None of that would have happened if I'd sat back in London. " Jonathan Turner, Screenwriter

How many meetings will I have?

We try to cram in the meetings for you while you are here, so you will be looking at at least THREE meetings a day, possibly FOUR.  Los Angeles is a huge city with the film industry spread over the city in different neighborhoods, so getting physically from one meeting to the other can take from 30 mins to an hour. 


Check out our schedule here to see an example of our meetings. 

"I was worried after I booked this event as to whether it was going to be money thrown to the wind. Please have no fear.  Whether you want to work in Hollywood or not, this is an essential trip for a filmmaker. You learn from top professionals. You meet people who are at the top and those who understand and have traversed this minefield we call The Film Business. Do it. You won't regret it!"

Antony Zaki, screenwriter, producer, actor

"I wish I had had something like this when I decided to come to L.A. Half the battle is meeting the right people in the industry and understanding the business from the inside out. It took me years to do this on my own. This opportunity would have made my journey so much easier!" Louise Runge, producer 24 Hotel rooms, Ride, Glass Chin.


  • Meet Hollywood's most in demand immigration lawyer: Find out what you need to get a visa to move to LA, how to go about getting sponsorship and how to actually make it happen.
  • Meet top Hollywood agents.
  • Meet top Hollywood managers.
  • Meet top writers, directors and producers working day in and day out in the studio system. 
  • Meet top entertainment lawyers: Find out how they can help you and why they’re needed.
  • Meet top feature film casting directors.
  • Meet Film LA: Discuss shooting in Los Angeles, permits, insurance, fees. 
  • Receive top pitching tips to prepare you so you’re ready to give your best pitch in the room.
  • Meet top Hollywood producers: Present and pitch your projects face to face with Hollywood executives behind movies such as BATMAN, ELF, MARMADUKE.
  • Familiarize yourself with Los Angeles, visit one of the major studios and get an in-depth overview of the Hollywood business. 

"I wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible week - it far surpassed my expectations and re-booted my brain & my soul! You are a force de majure! You have so much respect from your peers and hard earned kudos - thanks for generously sprinkling a little bit of your stardust our way - it's brought me back to life! Pearl Mina, Screenwriter/Producer

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Want to join us on our next Trip? Please read this before purchasing...

Due to the competitive nature of the spots available, we need to ensure that all interested parties meet the minimum professional requirements in order to partake on the Field Trip. Please email Genevieve at with your background/resume/details and also if you have any questions in whether you would qualify.



For Writers: You must have at least completed one feature screenplay or teleplay; and have other projects to pitch executives. 

For Filmmakers: You must have produced one short film, or one feature film, or one television programme; and have at least one project to pitch executives. 

For Producers: You must have worked on one short film or one feature film, or one television programme; and have at least one project to pitch executives. 


Please Note: This fee includes all meetings and workshops, transport to and from the hotel. Participants are responsible for flights, accommodation, meals, travel insurance and any other expenses.