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This is Gen and Zee (Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes).  Genevieve is the co founder of The Guerilla Film Maker Handbook series (along with co founder Chris Jones and published by Bloomsbury) and Andrew is their co author. After moving to Los Angeles from the UK in 2001, Gen signed up with talent agent ICM and Mosaic Media Management. She met Andrew who was working at Universal Television and the two of them struck up a friendship (soon marriage) and a working relationship. Together, they became a screenwriting team, working with many production companies and Studios. 

It has always been the spirit of all of us here at Guerilla Film Maker to share with others the experiences that we have gone through as filmmakers ourselves, and to ask working industry professionals to continue that sharing experience too. Up to now this has been through our books or various workshops in London and LA.


So after being approached by so many British filmmakers asking how they could get to Hollywood, Guerilla Film Maker decided to put together this unique opportunity so that all you have to do is get on a plane, and you too can meet the experts and network in Hollywood. 


Either Gen and Andrew will be there during the whole of your stay, giving you a thorough inside look of the business, not to mention a few visits to the famous Hollywood haunts.


Read more about the Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks here...

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