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Create a website to promote you and/or your film. If you haven't got this already, set up a simple template website such as



Wear regular smart casual. No flip flops or shorts! You could pack some fancy clothes for parties as you never know whether you could be invited to a premiere! You are in Hollywood so you never know! 



Organize your mobile for your stay. Either call your wireless company for a better international rate or get a pay as you go phone as soon as you're in LA. Make sure your laptop has wireless capability for being able to either Skype or sit in Starbucks and check emails etc.



To save any embarrassing moments, remember that sales tax is added on to the price tag at check out. Currently CA sales tax is 7.25%.




When organizing your flight, organize your accommodation in Santa Monica, Venice Beach or West LA. Santa Monica is great as you're by the beach, it's walk friendly and is also a British ex-pat hub. Please take a look at our Accommodation suggestions here.



Find out who's who before you go.



  • Check for traffic conditions. 

  • Use google maps or mapquest for traffic directions.

  • Jay walking (crossing the road at a non designated point) is illegal and you could get a nasty on the spot fine.




You may well have heard about America's infamous healthcare system. It is as the rumours say...hugely expensive. So please make sure you have your own travel health insurance before you come on the Trip so you are protected in case anything does happen (even if it's bad sunburn). Once you've purchased your own travel health insurance, make sure you know the particulars and also contact numbers for the company when in Los Angeles. We have had previous delegates take out travel insurance for North America but then discovered that the insurance company's headquarters are in Canada, and that has caused issues. 




Tipping at restaurants. 15-20% is standard. This is expected when eating out. In Bars, usually a $1-$2 a drink order is acceptable, same with valets.




Severe-to-exceptional drought extends across 43% of the state, while moderate-to-severe drought extends across an additional 41% of the state. Dry and unstable weather conditions are also contributing to a rapid increase in wildfire activity throughout California. Be prepared for a lot of sun, so make sure you take your sunscreen. Going to the hospital for any sunburn treatment can be very expensive, so make sure you do have health insurance for your Trip. Even when the skies look overcast, the sun is very deceiving and you could get a nasty burn. Make sure you wear sunscreen!  




Remember LA is 8 hours behind London, 3 hours behind New York and the East Coast.  




  • Valet parking can take a little getting used too. It is everywhere and is legit, so don't worry, they won't do a Ferris Buehler on you!

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