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Ian Martin

It gets you in the room with people that can actually make things happen. They give you career advice. They can nurture you. They can guide you. They will listen to your pitches and they will read your material. If you’re really serious about working in Hollywood, or just working in the business in general you have to sign up for the Hollywood Field Trip. Ian Martin, screenwriter.

Alastair Orr, director

A year after our Hollywood Field Trip I've signed on to direct a horror movie with EPs Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. By pulling back the curtain and showing me the real Hollywood, you guys played an invaluable role in the way I conducted my approach to getting a film made in L.A. Alastair Orr, Director

Katharine McPhee

I didn’t expect the people that we met to be so generous with their time. They were so happy to answer questions and they all gave their own unique insight into whatever it is that do - whatever their own personal experience was. And then, in turn, they could dispense that advise and it’s just invaluable moving forward to our next steps. It was just amazing! Katharine McPhee, screenwriter.

Amanda Hood

The great thing about the week is you get access to agents, managers and producers that you would never get normally. It’s the biggest education and overview works here in LA and how emerging writer/director people like me can breakthrough.I was surprised by how much I’ve learned. My head feels like it’s going to explode with the amount of information, but it’s all really useful, really practical information. I didn’t expect it to be this good. I’m really happy! Amanda Hood, writer/director.

Jonathan Turner, screenwriter

Essential for anyone who's serious about breaking into the film business in L.A. The contacts, knowledge and experience crammed into a week is worth its weight in platinum. It gave me the chance to pitch ideas to people working in the industry to see their very different approach to scripts and genre, and to get a fantastic working knowledge of the business. Also an incredible opportunity to make contacts, and Gen and Zee's knowledge and experience is 2nd to none." Jonathan Turner, screen writer

Susan Douglas, Producer

Getting your foot through the door is half the battle, and we all had two feet placed well inside some of the top industry offices. Our hosts were very hospitable and helpful, and stretched beyond duty, involving themselves with our work. This is the place where business gets done, not talked about, and this is the road in. Susan Douglas, Producer

Anthony Zaki, producer, actor

I was worried after I booked this event as to whether it was going to be money thrown to the wind. Please have no fear. Whether you want to work in Hollywood or not, this is an essential trip for a filmmaker. You learn from top professionals. You meet people who are at the top and those who understand and have traversed this minefield we call The Film Business. Do it. You won't regret it! Antony Zaki, screenwriter, producer, actor

Mandy Mayhem

The Trip was the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to pitch my tv show to 15 TOP managers, agents, producers and network execs over 5 days image.I learned the language and what is happening right now in the tv and film community and who truly has the abiity to green light a project. Most importantly, I learned how to turn telling a story into selling a story. The level of expertise and power of the with whom we met was way beyond my expectations." Mandy Mae Cheetham, HFT 7.

Mark Jeavons, filmmaker

I would thoroughly recommend the Hollywood Field Trip to any Brits who are wanting to kickstart their careers in LA - the trip is an intensive week of meetings with industry professionals who offer great advice on working in LA, as well as feedback on your own projects. The whole week has left me energized about starting my career in LA, it makes you want to move over here straight away! Overall it's an insightful, invaluable trip that you don't want to miss out on! Mark Jeavons, filmmaker

Pearl Mina, screenwriter, producer

I wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible week - it far surpassed my expectations and re-booted my brain & my soul! You are a force de majure! You have so much respect from your peers and hard earned kudos - thanks for generously sprinkling a little bit of your stardust our way - it's brought me back to life! Pearl Mina, Screenwriter/Producer

Louise Runge, Producer

I wish I had had something like this when I decided to come to L.A. Half the battle is meeting the right people in the industry and understanding the business from the inside out. It took me years to do this on my own. This opportunity would have made my journey so much easier! Louise Runge, producer 24 Hotel rooms, Ride, Glass Chin.

Julian Roberts

This is my second time doing the Hollywood Field Trip. I got a lot out of it the first time, so I decided to do it again. Mainly to reconnect with some of the people we met last time and there were new people, too. I’m always surprised at the level of people that we meet. Julian Roberts, writer/director

Debbie Moon

The Hollywood Field Trip is a terrific opportunity for unrepresented writers to experience how Hollywood works. Creating access to managers, agents and execs, it provides a chance to pitch under professional conditions and bypass the slush pile, while also giving a taste of life and work in L.A. An invaluable starting point for a Hollywood career. Debbie Moon, screenwriter.

Joanna Ebuwa

The Hollywood Field Trip was a fantastic, life changing experience which I will never forget. I found new friends, learned about the industry and discovered how the creative industry really works on different levels. I also learned to step up and push myself. I encourage every filmmaker to take this Trip. Joanna Ebuwa, screenwriter.

Daljit Brar

The knowledge and confidence I gained spending the week with Z was one of the main reasons I was able to produce The Evil in Us. The film has sold 8 territories now! The Canadian premiere is coming up in the next month so I'm really excited about that. Working on a few projects now, a horror feature/possible series and a dramatic feature. Daljt Brar, producer.

KT Parker

What a writer needs is access and exposure to key decision makers, which is tough without a top-notch agent on your side. This is where The Hollywood Field Trip comes in. For a week Andrew Zinnes acts as your agent and gets you into the room with legendary production houses. After that, it’s up to you. As a result of the HFT, my scripts have been read by several top Hollywood producers and I now have an open door with one and am working on two treatments for another. KT Parker, screenwriter.

So I just loved this Hollywood Field Trip because it’s such a motivating and inspiring experience. We’ve meet managers. We’ve met executives. We’ve met agents. And we’ve met fellow screenwriters that have made it here. For me the takeaway message always is that if you put in the  hard work and if you stick to it, there is a chance for you. And I just love that message.

Vin Pandit, screenwriter

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